Friday, December 31, 2010


In the ancient times of Atlantis or even in ancient Egypt, there may have been greater magicians than the one we know as Merlin, but their names have not come down to us the way the name of Merlin has; there is something very special about this being; something mysterious that even children seem to be aware of.

Similar to King Arthur, Merlin has earned his place in the British psyche, as have Nimué, the Lady of the Lake, and the much misrepresented and often maligned Morgan le Fey. In this unconscious realm of the British psyche reside many ancient heroes, but Merlin is probably the most famous and best loved of all.

Merlin was an incarnation of one of the great masters of humanity and his energy is coming in once more with the violet Ray as it heralds the New Age, the sixth cycle of humanity. This begins to have an effect on the energetic construct of the physical realm; that is why the Merlin information is once more becoming available to those who are searching for the truth of what life is all about.

In the invisible realms existing side by side with, and now penetrating the physical, conscious plane, are the roots of all Magical traditions to be seen. Merlin’s vibrant energy and powerful symbolism is beginning to affect all seekers of wisdom and truth at this time on the planet. People everywhere are growing tired of working in a job that has no meaning for them just to pay the mortgage or rent, or other bills, and are asking: “Is this all there is to life?”

Magic is a natural state of being that has been suppressed for thousands of years, to allow the development of the intellect. Magical, mystical, metaphysical, or whatever name will be given to this natural state of human expression will become commonplace in the next age, now that intellectual development is well on the way.

We now see children being born with this natural magical ability; the ability to see the fae, the angels, the djinn or genies and communicate with them. Dragons, unicorns, centaurs and the pegasi are also drawing closer as the veils between the dimensions continue to become thinner.

Healing is also another natural ability of some children coming onto this planet. In the future many will heal themselves of their ailments as the reason for them will no longer be applicable on the earth plane.

Polarity is at the heart of magic, shaping its nature and fuelling its powerful energy. The magician of today walks a razor edged path between the inner and outer worlds, and as he balances his own energy, he also brings balance into the lives of others.

The magician is also aware of the paradox that allows him to pass beyond the veil and to bring back much needed information that is not normally available to the everyday person, and to assist the ones who seek the Path of Magic. This Path of Magic is nothing more than the Return Path to the Source, but it is based on your own hard work, your own personal practice and does not rely on any dogma.

To regard this world with awe and wonder is an approach far more likely to result in the universe sharing its secrets. Some people are too often inclined to arrogantly declare that they know everything there is to know. In fact, we are hardly scratching the surface of the eternal wisdom of the universe. The Masters of Wisdom say nothing of who they really are, but willingly share their secrets to those who are discerning enough to recognize them.

So do not disbelieve when others speak of Merlin, he exists; not in this dimension perhaps, but for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, he exists.

College of Esoteric Education.

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