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If you regard the solar system as an individual vortex, coupled with, and integrated with the vortex, which is this galaxy, you will understand that the sun is a channel of energy that energizes the complete system. That which we call the Planetary Logos is also a channel, but so is the planet in its entirety. Let us just consider this planet; and we feel that we can only explain this via analogy. It has a nucleus; that nucleus is located deep within this planet, not of necessity in the centre, but deep within this planet we find that nucleus of that One which is the planet.

The projection from the Logos obtained many millions of years ago, and was a progressive projection. It happened over vast ages in stages. In this universe all is measured, all is balanced. The withdrawal to the complete passing of the Planetary Logos will be as measured as the outgoing.

When this planet was young, there was the Logos. The Logos projected, the projection projected, but this did not happen overnight. These projections occupied eons. We come finally to the projection, that you term organic life, which is the epitome of the requirement. So begins the ‘return.’ This is the necessary cycling; that return into the Logos, back into a oneness, will occupy eons also.

The path upon which you are engaged will carry on into the oncoming age when many, many – a very great percentage of mankind will be travelling this return path back to the Logos. The energies required for that return are already abroad. They began to be manifested many centuries ago, and are gaining impetus, and it will be such that mankind will be re-absorbed into the projection, which is presently being called the Energy Parent. Of course, in turn, the Energy Parents are also re-absorbed and so the process continues until there is a complete re-absorption into the oneness that is the Logos. In order for this to obtain there must be the seed that is implanted into the oncoming age.

There is great importance in this return Path; in one small portion of that Logoic body, there is movement, a movement back. Regard this as a pattern, and you will see the patterning shine through quite clearly as you ponder it. Viewing this from another aspect, there are these many ages cycling, and there is an oncoming age end, or sub-age end. This is at hand, and this is why there is a great interest in all things of a spiritual nature.

We ask you to think back on the knowledge of myth and legend, and recognize that in every nation, in every people, in every tribe, there are legends of wonderful beings. It is necessary in subtle matter that there is a triggering force; there has to be something that triggers. Whilst the teachings about these legendary figures may have been and will have been corrupted, those beings did exist in prehistory. They did exist and those beings will exist again.

So, we have the projections, we have the oncoming withdrawal – as we said, this is eons ahead – but this Logos is past middle age, and the withdrawal has begun.

The travel back on the part of mankind, and in particular the pioneering which is this path, is the travel back into the nucleus of the Energy Parent. This does not mean that life forms will not exist after this has been accomplished; they will. This travel back will occupy many, many eons during which there will be successive alterations in circumstances. Were you able to look at the picture from perhaps several million years hence you would be aghast at the preciseness of the travel out and the travel back: it will be as precise as is every other part of this universe, utterly precise.

Excerpts from the channellings of the Sirian Command.

College of Esoteric Education

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