Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Mankind is basically three divisions. These three divisions are progressive manifestations of energy in a coarser form, coming through to the coarsest form in which energy may manifest itself, which is the physical body. We would at this stage point to the fact that when man was made in God’s image, it was such that man was made as a trinity, as is the Godhead. Man is a projection of, a step down of the trinity structure of the Godhead. He was made as a trinity or in the image of that trinity.

Let us examine this structure more closely. As a starting point we could say that the basis of the entity is the spine, the two lobes of the cerebellum, and the two brain hemispheres with their associated middle brain lobes.

The physical body is built around this structure. The glandular system is an intermediate state between the more coarse manifestation of energy, which is the direct physical, the various organs, the bones, the muscles and so on, and the ‘spiritual’ which is the energy blueprint for the physical.

So, we consider the human being, which is basically the spine and the brain. There is a spark that exists in the spine between the shoulder blades and energizes the whole incarnate entity. This spark is a projection of its parent, the Energy Parent, and it is responsible for projecting a manifestation that is the deep emotional body. In this body resides the causation of all sickness, be it mental, be it physical; the deep causation of sickness.

If you have a common cold the cause does not reside in the emotional body. That which resides in the emotional body can progressively cause withdrawal, or death; the lighter causes reside elsewhere. This emotional body, which, we repeat, is a projection of that energizing spark, without which no one would exist. That energizing spark projects out of itself; but it projects only part, not all of itself. That emotional body, then, projects outward by means of a communicating link, which is called the etheric body.

This etheric body has a deep part and a shallow part. The deep part is able to communicate with and transfer energy from the emotional body, which is its function; it transfers energy in various forms. The shallower part of that etheric body communicates with the entities that are the various organs. The brain centres, the hemispheres, and the lobes, follow a somewhat different path.

Try to consider that all is energy; everything is energy. You must understand that if you consider your finger, that finger is purely a manifestation of energy. As long as this is clearly understood, very definitely accepted, then much difficulty will be taken away from your understanding of that which is being said.

You must try to get it firmly within your thinking, you must understand that everything you see, everything you touch, is purely and simply a manifestation or a projection of energy in its varying forms and varying degrees.

There is necessity on the part of the Energy Parent for experience. In that Parent that projected you lies much progress. Let us talk briefly about the hierarchy – again, see this in the concept of energy; energy focused, purely energy focused in degree of intensity.

Above and beyond that Energy Parent, there reside deeper, higher, fuller intensities which command; beyond that again, lie yet fuller intensities, beyond which lies that which is the planet, the Planetary Logos. The Logos is that intense energy which is required to maintain this planet, and by maintenance of this planet we are talking, now, about every single, tiny function that transpires in or upon this planet.

You may see this as a fullness of function on the part of each respective planet – but forget about the others and their functions – consider only this planet, Earth. Every tiny particle in this planet is energized by that which we tern the Planetary Logos or the planetary Force and these forces relate throughout the universe.

The reason for your sickness, your unhappiness, is because you are suspended in the tensions that operate in these two paths. This may be difficult for you to understand, but both of these forces are manifested in each one of you, and in each one of you there is a striving for balance between those two forces, but in no case does it ever balance; in no case.

This, however, does not prevent continued and continual striving. You, with your conscious minds (and your conscious minds are purely an instrument whereby you travel this incarnate, physical path) are not yet able to see and understand the tensions that are promoted by this attraction. You will have to accept our word that this is so. All sickness, including the final sickness, is the result of this tension.

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