Thursday, December 30, 2010


Illumined individuals throughout history seemed to have access to a secret mystical philosophy that enhanced their mode of living. The way they lived their life was both personally gratifying and uplifting. Their thoughts and deeds have inspired people down through the ages to try to find this elusive power these people seemed to possess.

What techniques did they acquire that can be effectively applied to everyday living and how does one go about searching for this information? How does one then prepare for a life of such creative endeavour?

These are some of the questions answered by intelligences that emanate from the Source of All That Is. The profound teachings that were given are presently being taught through the Sirian Mystery School, which was formed to teach humankind an awareness of itself and its relationship to the universe. The teachings incorporate a meditative path and a series of lectures designed for achieving a level of self-realization.

The ancients gave the injunction: “Man know thyself” and then you will know the secrets of the universe. How does one get to know the self? The Sirian Mystery School provides the techniques for accomplishing this inward focus and experience.

Have you experienced the whisperings of a deeper level within your being? Does a mysterious intelligence seem to well up from deep inside you at times? Your consciousness has no limits if you let it rise above those circumstances that seem to weigh you down. Inspiration and intuition are not haphazard events but come into play when you draw, at will upon this mighty Presence.

Silent and formless, it awaits contact with your mind to enable you to bring your true potential into outer reality. This is a phenomenon natural to all human beings who attune with its energy. There are subtle faculties of the mind just beyond the surface awaiting your positive command. They respond to natural law and benefit all who learn to use them.

The purpose of meditation as taught through the Sirian Mystery School is to assist people in balancing the different functions of their existence, namely, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and to bring those who are ready into an understanding of their existence, its direction and its purpose. The practice of this form of meditation requires a readiness to accept guidance along a structured path back to Source by one who has travelled that path before. It needs the ability for a gentle concentration only, following instructed guidelines. No prior experience or special techniques are required as this Path is, at all times individually supervised.

The corruption of a teaching is inevitable. As that which is channelled through in purity is disseminated throughout people of varying abilities, so there is a diversification and alteration of the original. That which alters goes ahead to guide the development of humankind as required in each cycle and must be seen, of course, as functioning into the purpose of the initial teaching from which it comes. Now, as there is a cycling and a loss of that which is taught in purity, so there is, also obedient to the law of cycling, a revivification. As a cycle culminates, there is a corning to fruition of everything that is part of the cycle including that which is continued from the teachings given at its beginning. Those thin threads, carried by sincere people, come to the fore and are energized by the cycling re-emergence of the forces that originally taught.

The meditation channelled through is practical and demonstrable and the travel upon this path is carefully and compassionately supervised to assist those who feel they are ready to travel this path to inner knowledge and wisdom, the Return Path back to Source. The individual supervision allows the student to progress at his or her own rate and the program is structured in such a way that the beginning meditator needs no prior experience or special qualifications in order to proceed through the various steps.

This teaching format has been responsible, in one of its innumerable functions, for guiding the overall development of humankind. It has passaged through the required people, at the beginning of each of the several past cycles of humankind's existence, the foundation for knowledge and understanding.

Upon that foundation, humankind has been prompted to enquire into and to develop, within each cycle, the many different forms of activity that have come to feature human existence. The intelligences responsible for this teaching have been present for the duration of humankind’s existence on this planet.

Because of the cyclic rise and fall that attends all functions, however, the effects of their teaching have not always been apparent. As each cycle within the overall rises in its development, there is a besmirching of that which is taught in purity at its outset. The wisdom earlier passaged through becomes lost or corrupted; but loss is never total. As each cycle proceeds there is a continued looking on the part of dedicated people for that eternal foundation. In such people there is a continuation of thin threads of the overall wisdom that guides all cycles and which is taught anew at the beginning of each.

The nature of these teachings is such as to establish a resonance between the person and the energy forces responsible for that person's existence. In that resonance lies the wherewithal for that person to act as a channel for energies from a deeper source. Those energies, depending upon the requirement, may function into one or more of many diverse fields.

The Sirian Mystery School is a channel for the function of that wisdom. Its responsibility is to set the feet of ready ones upon that pathway back to the Source.

The energies involved in incarnate existence alone vary considerably in their subtlety, their function and in their readiness and all of these must be brought into a concordant wholeness in preparation for the journey. The fact that a person would consider travelling a path of such a deep and profound meditation is a tremendous achievement in itself, and may be seen as the fulfillment of the cycle of human existence

The Sirian Mystery School is the product of forces of high intelligence required forward in the function of teaching to humankind a knowledge of the energies involved in human existence. These entities reside in realms which, to a human understanding of time, are eternal. They are a part of the continuing structure of the universe but the effect of their function in the incarnate realm appears as a cyclic manifestation, appearing, receding and re-appearing in obedience to the wisdom by which they too, are directed.

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