Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Today, I would like to talk about balance, or rather, discuss the outer bodies of an average incarnate human being. I am not talking about people who are advanced or have advanced themselves. These bodies follow the trinity pattern. Let us start with the physical body; this is identically patterned on the etheric body. The etheric body fulfills the functions of the energy transfer between the deeper parts of the entity and the physical glandular system. It is this glandular system that controls the organs. This is basically the function of the etheric body.

As we move deeper within, we come to the emotional body in which resides, the root causes of all instability, both mental and physical. When I talk about the word balance, I am talking strictly about balance in the emotional body. There is no such thing as balance in the two coarser manifestations.

So, this emotional body is the source of all illness, all malfunction, all disturbance, all distraction and conversely, all super-function. If you consider this carefully, you will see that ecstasy resides in the emotional body; the ecstasies of the mystics and so on, all have their root causes in the emotional body and, incidentally, are an imbalance in themselves; they are not healthy. Balance is to be striven for always in the emotional body

The connection between the emotional body and emotions is vague, in fact, quite nebulous. The emotions are not indicative of very much in the emotional body at all. In fact, it would be wise to consider that the word emotional body is a misnomer because although emotions are the result of small turbulences that happen in it, the emotional body functions at a far deeper level than the ordinary emotions such as lust, greed, fear, hate, jealousy, and so on. It functions at a much greater, much deeper level than these.

So, balance in the incarnate state is not obtainable except in the adept. You are as likely to obtain balance in the emotional body as you are to obtain balance in the meteorological sphere in the planet. You will always have turbulences, small or great, manifesting in one fashion or another. Some are healthy, some are doing no harm and, of course, others are definitely not healthy. But balance is always being striven for; this is similar to water as it seeks to find its own level. As one progresses, so we have a further obtaining of balance.

Again, still considering the average person in the street, be he a top scientist, be he a street sweeper, this is equally applicable. The result of imbalance in the incarnate state can be directly related to progress of the self, in that there is only one way for evolution to proceed and that is by overcoming obstacles. Therefore, one must see so-called disturbances in this light, that they are very, very healthy and, of course, logically, the worse the disturbance, the healthier it is for the person concerned although, of course, not pleasant.

If, for the reasons of progression, the One who projected you and gave you life, sometimes known as your Higher Soul Self, or your Energy Parent, decides on so many different aspects to be incarnated progressively to fulfill certain deficiencies and again to obtain balance or strive to obtain balance, then you will be part of what you were before but not necessarily the whole, because you are still part of the One.

And, of course, as evolution proceeds over many lifetimes, the Energy Parent merges the aspects into a oneness. Early on the evolutionary path this One will be many faceted, very diversified; but at adeptship, he/she is One, all aspects combined into the oneness to produce the divine incarnation.

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