Wednesday, December 29, 2010

THE GREAT UNKNOWABLE SOURCE - the birth of the universe

It has been said that energy is the basis of, or is the whole universe. Consider the possibility of a great Unknowable Source that is this energy. This Source permeates every last corner of that which is called the universe, including every galaxy, both known, and unknown, as yet, to mankind. We are not talking about this planet, solar system or galaxy; we are talking about the myriad galaxies and the very minute, all of which comprise and compose the universe.

This great Unknowable Source is this energy; this basic energy from which all else is built, and upon which all else is built. If you wish, every component is part of the body of the great Unknowable. This basic energy permeates every part of this universe. Even in your sacred scriptures, it is written, “In Him we live and move and have our being.”

Now, we come to a possibly more difficult concept. From this, or, in this energy there are vortices. These vortices would, by analogy, be directed; their causation, their operation, their result would be directed. These vortices shall we say, become galaxies. Now, in these vortices we begin to see that which is not being understood readily; we begin to see that tremendously subtle energy begins to manifest in a slightly coarser form.

Now, remembering that the manifestation is also energy, that manifestation then, becomes a projection in less subtle form than the original. Also mark well that even though vortices appear in the overall energy, that the permeability of the energy is not impaired. That energy still operates in and through each vortex. So, you have a projection, which in its initial stages is almost indistinguishable from its parent energy.

We will now ask you to consider one vortex and its development; all others will obey the same set of rules. This vortex becomes a focus, a centre of high consciousness, of high intensity, and ability begins to appear in that vortex.

That directing force now causes further projection which, as you are possibly aware, causes the coarsest projection of all which is the physical, but, all traceable back to that overall consciousness and directing force. All the energies are directed in less and less subtle form, so you begin to get sub-sub-microscopic particles, increasingly, until you get particles sufficiently coarse to be seen under microscopes.

The postulate that we are insisting upon is that the particles that you see under a microscope are the result of a series of less and less subtle manifestations of the original. Now, we go in through to the end result, the coarsest form in which energy may manifest, which is the body that you each inhabit, and which is the physical world through which you pass. It is the ultimate physical manifestation so far as coarseness is concerned, but we repeat, traceable back through a series of manifestations to the Great Unknowable Source.

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