Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Today I want to speak about past happenings that have been lost in the mists of time. One principle that you must gather to yourselves, absorb, and clearly understand is that mankind is utterly wrong in attempting to implant the image as he is today upon beings that existed in ages either gone by or yet to come in the future. You will begin to realize that there is no fixity; all is in constant flux in the universe.

Therefore, it becomes probable, even from that viewpoint that the life form humankind presently occupies was not the same in the past and will not be the same in the future. This time on the planet is a passing through, a fluxing, a continual movement through various forms and man is not correct, therefore, in attempting to interpret bygone manifestations through the eyes he is presently using.

Life forms that existed in the past were different; vastly different, There was a hybrid form for many, many millions of years. There was a hybrid in various forms, which embodied both animal characteristics and the oncoming complexity that is present mankind. In addition, there was a differing in the circumstance of existence, a difference in the life span, a difference in the population, always a difference. Wherever you look, there is a difference. This is needful for the continuing evolving pattern. Nothing remains the same.

However, the progression towards the present state was gentle; it was a gradual happening. There was no dramatic change and there was no drama. It was a gentle stepping through to complexity but that tale will not be told for some time.

With regard to almost historic times, the life span, as written about in other teachings, was much greater. At that time, the projecting One, the Energy Parent, was young and back in that time, it was required that the Spark, which is currently located between your shoulder blades in the spine, retire to its Parent in energy, and then re-enter the same body. The reason for this was – not the inability, because there is no inability in this universe – but the necessity to move forward in the development of the force needed to project itself as it presently does.

This has been a development over many millions of years and there has been no dramatic stepping up, there has been just a gentle progression. So, you may now see the reason for various customs, which are still extant among certain of mankind, in their extremely modified form

Now, this oncoming cycle is the last but one of mankind’s overall cycle. There have been five; there will be seven. This oncoming one is the last but one and during this period the withdrawal force gains in momentum.

The return path will be a mirror image of the outgoing path. That withdrawal force then, as it withdraws mankind, in fact all life, toward its projecting force is becoming a counterpart of the outward going. As death becomes less and less frequent, symbolism disappears and knowledge in its purity occurs once more, then this withdrawal path will be a precise counterpart of the outgoing path.

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