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Firstly, let me say that something that is of a finite nature cannot understand something that is infinite. According to science, the earth was formed approximately 4.6 billion years ago; about 4 billion years ago the earth had no oxygen and no protective ozone layer and may have been bombarded by meteorites. About 1 billion years ago the planet started to cool and violent storms raged for thousands of years allowing the formation of oceans. The formation of algae photosynthesized to produce oxygen and to help form the protective ozone layer. Approximately 500million years ago plant life and trees appeared and produced even more oxygen; eventually approximately 120 million years ago the dinosaurs and more advanced plant life developed. 65 million years ago it is believed that a huge meteorite hit the planet destroying all life forms. Scientifically it is believed that the first human type beings came onto the planet approximately 1.7 million years ago.

Just as dreams can be interpreted in many different ways until one learns how to interpret them symbolically, so too can the Scriptures be interpreted as a dream and unless one is able to grasp the meaning of the symbols, allegories, myths and parables contained in the information, it will remain like many of our dreams, non-understandable to the conscious mind. Scripture is really about initiation and it was used to illustrate this point many thousands of years ago and it is still being used to illustrate this point today even though it may seem contradictory and non understandable if one does not take the necessary time to learn its secrets. Scripture, no matter from what system, can be read as a practical textbook once the symbology is understood but few people have taken the trouble to gain this understanding or don’t know how to obtain the information.

If we take a passage from Scripture.. “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not made anything that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.”

In order to find out what this “word” means we need to go back to the Greek. In the Greek it means Logos. The translators of this text could have used the term “expression” instead of “word”. Metaphysically, Logos means channel. Now just suppose the translators used the word expression instead of just “word” – we will find that it changes the whole meaning of the text and may read something like this:

In the beginning was the Logos and the Logos was God expressing himself. This same expression was in the beginning with God. And everything that was made was made out of this expression of God as he channelled it through himself. And this expression of God is life. And the life in man is only because God is expressing himself in him. And if any man recognizes the light within himself he becomes enlightened because he recognizes that God is expressing himself in him. Those who make this discovery realize themselves to be sons and daughters of God. Those who don’t discover this live in darkness.

So, when God expresses himself in the flesh it becomes alive, as it says: This expression of God was made flesh and lived among us. We find out who we are when we find out that we are an expression of God, as the Master states: “Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?”

But briefly, to explain the concepts more scientifically, we have the Logos projecting through various stages to ultimately gather enough primal energy around a terminal point to be able to project into physicality. That projection occupied, perhaps two, three billion years. In the Earth time frame, it was not short. The forward going projection accumulated at its terminal point the required primal matter that gently, gradually, took form.

At that time the planet itself was in an almost gaseous state, gradually solidifying and gradually fulfilling a requirement in that solidification. It was not a careless process; it was a required process, that solidification – totally required because of the inherent complexities in the command energies that required, shall we say, a certain environment. So, that environment gradually solidified.

At that period, when the universal energies interacted with the planetary energies and formed the Planetary Link or the second aspect of the Logos, it was still only a projection; we look at a planet without a satellite. We look at a planet in the process of solidifying; we look at much gaseous matter, we look at all the requirements, gradually being fulfilled. We see the beginnings of oceans, the beginnings of land, or, that part of the solidification that was above the liquid. We see embodied in that process the beginnings of the first projection from that combined energy, the Planetary Link.

We will try to make this a little clearer. The projection of the first ring of energy from the Planetary Link embodied within itself the command energies that required a stirring, the beginnings of a stirring, fullness, nuclei, concordant with the environment fulfilling its requirement. So, form began to take solid shape. But this did not occur in the activities of the inner energy ring.

During the period, the long, long period in Earth time, of the existence of that inner ring, much of the planet was formless and the beginnings of the projection, which ultimately became what you call organic life was also formless.

As the command energies caused a filling - and we can only describe it as something that has reached a certain stage and is bursting to go further, so, gently that second energy ring began to be existent. During a period of that second ring, life forms began to take shape, but in a non-solid existence, and the planet’s environment began also to accommodate itself to that which it would have to feed and house.

At this period, the projection of the opposite force was caused to arrive; it arrived tumultuously, it arrived – cataclysm is the wrong word, but it caused great turbulence. It reformed this planet according to the way it was required to exist.

As that second ring was projected, so, into that second ring, and peopling that second ring came those - they are not life forms - they are energy forms, which are still not nucleified. But there is a step forward in the amalgamation and the beginnings of nucleifying.

In the fullness of time, the third ring was projected, and again, there is a further movement forward. The important point about this is that they are still in that outermost ring of the Planetary Link, and they are still not nucleified. There is a swirling mass gradually becoming more and more coherent.

Neglecting that development for a moment, a long period in Earth time years elapsed. The planet began to further solidify in its various forms; not yet completely solidified, there was much turmoil, but that turmoil being abated by, balanced by, the satellite, the moon.

So, we have the projection from the Planetary Link into its Child, which we will term allegorically, the Child of the Logos, and covering briefly, we see a projection into the applicating principle of that Child.

This talk is more about energy rings; this is why we are not going deeply into the projection, into the trinity. We see there the projection of the first energy ring accompanied by, and mark this well, accompanied by that which obtained in the outermost ring of the Planetary Link. It channels through strictly in accordance with the command energies. It channels through into the innermost ring of that which we are calling Child of the Logos.

From here, we see the first forerunner. We are not discussing a time period of several million years ago, perhaps more like a hundred million years ago. The planet has solidified, the environment is that which is required and the first projection is not solid; not solid as you understand solidity. It is a projection from the innermost energy ring of that Child of the Logos. We see a nucleified projection; it is obvious that a projection could not occur unless it was nucleified. So we see the development of nucleification in that initial projection, formless and yet there. That projection inhabited this planet Earth for a long period; a very long period, utterly sexless and needing no nutrition in the physical sense. These formless ones were many; they projected and projected and projected.

We watch and we see the second energy ring projected from, or, through that Child of the Logos and we see a more intense nucleification, we see the beginnings of form. Those beginnings of form occupied lowly estates, very lowly estates. They are the fossils that are presently being investigated; they were the beginnings of those fossils, those nucleified forms from the second energy ring of the Child of the Logos. Again, we are looking at a long time period and we see there the projection of the third energy ring.

We see there an increasing complexity, we see a merging; in that merging we see a combination of species, a combining. Now, here comes the drama, perhaps; in that act of what you call creation. Subject to the command energies channelling through the Link we have the command to: “Go thou forth and proliferate.” In that outermost energy ring of the Child of the Logos, we then have spawned trinities from the initial force. Please understand us; we are not teaching something that is out of pattern, because in the Energy Parent, in the outermost energy ring, there are also many, many trinities spawned. But here, we are not going into an explanation of the trinities.

On the spawning of those trinities, we begin to see the variety of species or that which was required, integrating, always integrating with the command energies that channel through that linking force from the Planetary Link in the Logos. We see the requirement being fulfilled of different species appearing and disappearing, totally upon requirement of the forces that channel through that Link.

In addition, we see the beginnings of the Energy Parents, those forces responsible for the projection of humankind being spawned from that outermost ring. They are spawned into the outermost ring, then, in a way, they become an extension of that energy ring.

Although that outermost energy ring has since been withdrawn in its enormously deep subtlety, it still exists in its coarser form. So, that outermost energy ring has already been withdrawn, but the force that caused it to exist, still exists. That force will follow that which it energized and will also be withdrawn concomitant with the withdrawal of the deep subtlety of the centre energy ring. It will be withdrawn in accordance with, and in coincidence with the deep subtlety. If you have vision, you will see the extermination of many species of animals and insects. This is utterly relative to the withdrawal of the force that originally spawned the need for them.

Although other great religions teach specific ages of humankind, we are driving home the instruction that the ages of humankind are utterly dependant upon these energy rings surrounding the various intensities that are this planet.

We will not teach the various races and sub-races, we will teach only those energy forces that inhabit the energy rings, and their projection forward, their peopling of, and their withdrawal to. So, we covered the beginnings of nucleification and the arrival of the balancing force for this planet.

The projection forward is toward nucleification and inherent in the command to: “go thou forth and proliferate,” ……. It was required that energy be manifest in every form. This is the basis of the command. It is not a matter of saying that the command needed energy to be made solid; this is not so. Energy had to be manifest in every fashion, every form. It had to manifest, therefore, you will understand that during this outgoing period, during the projections, that energy has been made manifest in every form. We ask you to think about this and bring the analogy of your own terms forward to help you gain clarity.

So, we watch humankind and from here we will confine ourselves to the discussion of humankind only. From the outermost ring were spawned the prototypes of that which was to be the Energy Parent, the projector of the human type species. This gives rise to a form that was between an animal and a human. As that outermost ring withdrew and the group souls began to spawn more of themselves, you had an increasing humanoid form in its present concept. But they were unusual from the present day idea; they were humanoid and came in various forms as the energies gradually became resonant – all frequencies began to resonate. Increasingly you had the human form produced. These are the various ages spoken of; there were no significant civilizations a hundred thousand years ago; they were begun relatively recently. You will understand the picture, as these group souls gradually became able to spawn that which they were required to spawn, so in turn, the Energy Parent which they spawned became more and more able to spawn as required, and it too spawned from its outermost ring initially.

And so, you had a gradual, measured, step-by-step process to the culmination that has been reached and overpassed now. The epitome of that spawning was in three dimensions, it was physical, it was intellectual, and it was spiritual. That reached its epitome many centuries ago, and once that point was reached the command had been fulfilled, and the withdrawal force began to assert itself.

We will just recapitulate here, as we want this picture quite clearly grasped. We want you to see the spawning from the Child of the Logos, the third aspect of the Logos, into its outermost energy ring. We want you to see the beginning of the group souls, the intermediaries, that are the equivalent to the facets in the outermost parental ring. We want you to note carefully that the early forms of existence were primitive; primitiveness in its essence, but gradually evolving until the time arrived for the withdrawal of that outermost energy ring.

We see then the merging of those that were facets. We see in the transition stage, a mixture of the beginnings of humanoid and animal. We see it gradually being delineated into separate distinct species. We see the spawning into Energy Parents and the spawning from the outermost ring of the Energy Parent into an early form of human. We watch and see the rise, the withdrawal of that outermost energy ring of many, many Energy Parents, and we see a rise in spirituality, we see a rise in intellect, we see a rise in physical beauty, or, physical fitness, or, it matters little, but the physical body became better.

We see that apex, we see that command fulfilled and we see the beginnings of the withdrawal force; or the journey back to the Source.

So here, we have explained the Tzimtzum or the process of creation, but mark you well from this Planetary Logos only; not from the Great Unknowable Source. You will also find the analogies in the trinity principle with the Ain, the Ain Soph, and the Ain Soph Aur, and the levels of the planetary rings in the different levels relative to the Sephiroth in their different realms. Even though we speak a different language, the meanings, none-the-less are the same.

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