Sunday, June 20, 2010


Contact with the Divine is a phenomenon natural to all human beings who attune with its energy. There are subtle faculties of the mind just beyond the surface awaiting your positive command. They respond to natural law and benefit all who learn to use them.

To be able to access these subtle abilities means that you have to clear your mind of the everyday clutter that constantly demands attention and move to a slightly altered state of consciousness where peace and serenity are natural states. If you imagine looking into a pond that has been disturbed by small fish jumping in and out, or creatures crawling along the bottom disturbing the mud, the reflection on top of the pond will be somewhat distorted. However, if you look at that same pond when it is perfectly still, you will clearly see the reflections of the trees growing alongside and either a perfect image of the sun or the moon if you are viewing it of an evening. You will see almost a mirror image.

This is the state you want your mind to be in when you meditate and make connection with your Higher Self. Your Higher Self will then be able to put down a perfect image into your mind for your consideration. However, if your mind is similar to the first example when the waters are disturbed, what sort of reflection are you liable to tune into? This is why some meditators bring through distorted information. The secret is to make sure your body is perfectly relaxed and at ease, your emotional body is in a balanced state and your mind is quiet and peaceful, so that you can allow an undistorted image to be passed to you from your Higher self.


  1. Thanks for the Information. I am discovering this lately. Just started to make the most complete mind change ever of my life since joining your site.

  2. Thank you for your kind words, please be sure to leave a question is there is something you don't understand