Sunday, June 20, 2010


Different personality temperaments will respond in various ways to the different techniques that I will be discussing from time to time. Some will appeal to some students while others will not. Try the techniques that appeal to you, and disregard the ones that do not. If the technique feels right for you it will work more easily – otherwise it will simply become hard work and you will feel like giving up – and this is not the purpose of meditation. Once you have achieved what you want with the method, then drop it; you will be able to get there without it in future otherwise it will become like a rope around your neck and you will feel that you won’t be able to do without it, and this is not meditation, it is just a technique.

Most people are familiar with relaxation styles of meditation so I will bypass this aspect and concentrate more on the methods that will take you into an altered state of consciousness.

Take a big deep breath, in through the nose, and sigh the breath out through your mouth and relax. Do this a couple of times until you feel fairly relaxed and at ease. If you still feel any tightness or tension in any part of your body, talk to those parts and give those parts permission to relax, to become soft, loose, limp and totally relaxed. You will find that they will respond if you speak gently with encouragement.

Take your awareness to the top of your head and imagine a small fountain of light spraying out there. Using your inspired awareness, imagine the light beginning to be drawn down into the brain dissolving away any negative thought forms or old belief systems that are no longer working in your life, so that your mind is able to hold more light. Then see your whole head begin to light up as the energy is drawn down, passing through your throat and beginning to fill your chest. Feel it filling your lungs, enabling you to breathe in more and more light.

As your body begins to accept more light, the energy will move down and through your abdominal region and your lower back filling that region with soothing, liquid light, before splitting and moving down your legs.

The light will push any last vestige of tension and stress out of your feet and you will feel a soft, tingling sensation under your feet as the tension moves out and is drawn down into the earth where it will be transformed into other substances.

See your body, now totally filled with light, begin to expand out into your aura, until at last you are encapsulated in an ovoid field of light.

If you look at yourself in a full length mirror after doing this exercise, you will see either a bluish, pinkish or whitish haze around your body, that flares around the head, shoulders, hips (and sometimes other places) in various moving shapes and colours. Make sure you are standing against a plain background to get the full effect.

If you can’t see it in full light, try it at night in a dark room with a soft sidelight that is out of range of the mirror. Repeat whenever you feel stressed.

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