Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The romantic history of the Celts indicates one of several cultural groups that are steeped in the fairy tradition. The beneficial power of the gnomes, elven folk and fairies, of course, is to be as an aid for the growth of animals and plants. These beings emanate from the group soul and the fairy presence encourages vitality because you can equate them with being the energy parents of the flora and fauna. Fairies can also be instrumental in assisting humanity in many different ways, either on a large scale as in the instance of the Findhorn group, or on a more personal level.

Fairies also take an interest in the domestic life of humans; yes, there are such things as house fairies. They will prod your mind to help you keep your house clean and free of dust. They do not like iron, so if you have iron pots they will not come into your kitchen; stainless steel, however, seems fine.

The beings of the four elements, including the fairy folk can still be contacted in our own times, and sensitive individuals still do so. Their presence in forested areas and places of power can be felt quite easily even by those who may not actively be seeking them. Some will say that a certain area of the forest “feels strange” when they pass through it. Some are even lucky enough to perceive the various wood maidens who inhabit such places. Some can hear the fairy music that will hold a human being entranced if not careful. Camping out at night, you might perceive the nature spirits in the trees as tiny lights flickering on and off.

If you happen to be invited into their kingdom, this will usually be via a portal. It is probably better to sit at the portal gate and communicate with them in that way. Portal gates to the Fairy realm usually appear surrounded by a bluish light. Unless you are experienced, do not venture through the portal.

To study the Arthurian Tales means in our own time, to study the changes of consciousness of man and his journey to find the Holy Grail. The various characters portray the archetypes that represent the blessings and pitfalls encountered on the Grail Quest. The Grail Quest in our modern times is represented by the Path of Return to the Source.

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