Saturday, June 26, 2010


Intuition is a natural inbuilt process that anyone can tap into so that you can begin various changes as you become more open to your inner guidance. Basically, you just have to trust what impressions you are receiving. You will inherently know what is true and what is not, simply by asking the question; “Is this coming from my Higher Self?” The Higher Self is always steady, patient and will get you to your correct answer. If the information is coming from the emotional level, it may appear to be either hesitant or unsure or give you the information too quickly and then peter out. Because you are a projection of it, the Higher Self will always be there, trying to impress your conscious mind with the correct answer. However, if you would like to develop this natural ability even further, you will find some tips below.

1. Remain in a positive state of mind

When you can free yourself from the stresses of everyday living, you will find that your intuitive ability flows so much better. By remaining in a positive state of mind, you will attract positive streams of energy making it so much easier to intuit events. Do not create stumbling blocks for yourself by dwelling on past circumstances. Make every day a “fresh day - a new day.”

2. Meditation

There are various meditation techniques available today; it is just a matter of finding one that suits your temperament. When you are relaxed and the mind is quiet, it is easier for intuitive impressions to impact upon your consciousness. Remember, intuitive impressions are for guidance, but make sure they are coming from a higher source and not from your own mind.

3. Learn to listen to the inner voice

If you are on the brink of making an important decision, release, relax and let go, tune in and listen to the still, small voice within you; that voice is always there – but it won’t be apparent until you still your mind and emotions. You can only see the bottom of a lake if there is no disturbance in the lake. When the lake is still, it is able to reflect an undistorted image; so too with the mind. If your mind is racing all over the place, any message coming through will be distorted. Your mind will be able to receive clear messages only when it is peaceful and still.


  1. Intuition is probably the one ability that I need to work the most on, or not work on since it more of an allowing and listening. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Hello Wayne,
    If you can get yourself relaxed enough, you will be able to receive intuitively. This is different from the "gut feeling" that most operate on, which relates to the personality.
    Intuition comes directly from what most would term the Higher Self. It bypasses the conscious mind, coming directly from the spiritual realms. In other words, no brain interference or reasoning happens.
    However, while learning, one must still exercise discernment.