Friday, November 24, 2017

Using Imagination Correctly

Imagination can be loosely defined as a veiled perception of truth. Mankind is the only living entity on this planet that can use imagination. It is a gift that most use negatively. Imagination is the picturing power of the mind; it is a constructive, or creative faculty if used correctly. Imagination has been the principal working tool of those outstanding people throughout the long annals of history, whose basic ideas have given us the means to allow us to develop and invent the necessities that allow us to live in the modern world today.

Take, for instance, the mental explorations of the French author, Jules Verne, famous for his scientific fantasy, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, a work that accurately describes our modern submarines. As one dwells upon the limitless creative resources residing within the World of Ideas in the Universal Mind, one is forced to accept the powerful motivating influence that imagination plays in today’s scientific developments. Without it no writer can create a story, no architect could possibly dream of the fantastic architectural wonders of today, or draft plans, neither could our scientists working in the various creative fields develop their modern inventions without these first having been discovered and drawn forth from the nebulous recesses of the World of Ideas in the Creative Universal Mind.

Just because two people happen to tap into the same idea at the same time in different parts of the world, doesn’t mean to say that one has stolen from the other. It simply means that they have both accessed the World of Ideas at a similar time.

There is nothing new on this planet, even though people will claim to have “invented such and such” or “discovered such and such”. All this information was encoded into the World of Ideas at the very inception of the planet, and it will be up to some creative being to tap into that level of consciousness at the appropriate time.

You can do this simply by using meditation and thinking of a concept and then letting the concept build in your mind through a series of pictures in your imagination. Or if you want to know the answer to a problem, go into a meditative state, hold the question about the problem in mind, and wait for the answer to come. Sometimes, as many people have discovered, the answer does not come right away but might come several days later. The ways that this can occur are myriad. The Creative Mind is not restricted to one method only.

As greater numbers of individuals learn the constructive use of the creative imagination, a final link with the higher planes of consciousness may well become an established fact, and disease will slowly fade away from this planet. However, in view of the general surge of unhappiness, war, discontent, lawlessness, and disruptive conditions engulfing the world, never has there been a more urgent need for people to tap into their own creative imagination to receive an influx of constructive ideas to counteract and overcome the disenchanting influences.

Please remember these words: “Know ye not ye are gods, sons and daughters of the Most High?” That being the case, remember that the Logos has given you the same creative power through your creative imagination. Use it to make your world beautiful and happy for all living creatures. This great gift is your birthright, and you alone determine whether you shall use the power or ignore it.

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