Friday, November 24, 2017

The Precious Gift of Life

The world seems to be disturbed by destructive thoughts, violence and restlessness. People are overly concerned with their worldly possessions and are anxious over the things they think they need and should have.  Has everyone forgotten the blessing we each have in the form of life and consciousness?

It seems that it is time for a deeper appreciation of what we do have, and what we can still enjoy. Stop and think for a moment, and you will soon realize that there is one great thing in life that cannot be purchased, that cannot be decreed by any dictatorship, that cannot be legislated or humanly supplied exactly when we want it. That one great thing is life itself. We may improve our health, sculpt our physical bodies, eat all the right foods; we may buy supplements that will extend the length of our life, we may be able to create things that will make that life temporarily happier. But all of these things depend upon the first great fundamental requisite, and that is life itself.

Without life there is no need to seek for health, or to seek for happiness or peace; without life, there is no need for any of the things that man has created, or empires have organized, or that man can imagine. And yet the gift of life and consciousness itself is given to us abundantly by the Planetary Logos, our Creator. It seems to be something we do not ask for in the beginning as most people have no memory of lives between lives. It is also a thing, at this point, that we cannot control in the end. It is something that is given to all of us alike, regardless of race, creed, religion, social position or education.

The humblest little ignorant person on the planet enjoys life in all of its vital essence, just as freely as do those who live with great power and material comfort and attainment. And yet, those who have the most collection of worldly things and other paraphernalia find these worldly possessions of absolutely no value when the time draws near and life seems about to ebb away and to be withdrawn as freely as it was given to us.

There are two great mysteries that should hold the attention of everyone more than anything else in the world, and these relate to the understanding of life. The first one is connected to the beginning of life, and the gift of life to us, and the second one relates to the withdrawal of life and its ultimate existence on the earth plane.

In this greater appreciation of life, we would become less anxious to destroy it, injure it, or make life more sorrowful for others. For this reason, too, all thoughts of war would cease and all thoughts of unnecessary destructiveness would come to an end. If a large portion of the world and its peoples could truly enter into a spirit of thankfulness for life itself, there would be no wars, no struggle for power, no struggle to gain material objects. Perhaps the oncoming cycle of the sixth age in the overall cycle of seven great ages will bring the peace and harmony that everyone desires and a heightened awareness with an appreciation for all life.

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