Friday, November 24, 2017

Are You a Mystic?

If you consider yourself a Mystic, you differ from another only insofar as you are aware of your relationship to the Logos, and you refuse to let the stresses of modern day living interfere with your connection to the source of your own being.

It is not easy, particularly at this time on the planet, to be constantly aware of your higher self, and seek guidance to live a truly spiritual life. This attitude requires the devotion of one’s soul, as well as the help of esoteric knowledge, teachers, and circumstances favourable for the learning process. Taken in the outer sense, life on earth has had a brutal history of construction, destruction, power struggles, and constant wars, to name but a few. To most people life seems to go nowhere; it consists of a series of difficult events that apparently randomly benefit culture or may equally accidentally or deliberately destroy it.

Let us consider another history, which has to do with life on earth in an inner sense. Here, there is not the dualism of construction and destruction as in the outer sense, although this still happens, but in a much more subtle way. What seems to happen is the cycling of man’s inner powers in an upward direction toward attunement with the Source. The outer history is concerned with time, while the inner is concerned with dimensions outside of time.

Outer history is full of past and future, of stress, anticipations, anxieties, fears, anger, and remorse over failure. There is no rest, only the flurry of activity in time. There is also the fear of death. The inner account begins outside of time. Every “moment” touches the Source, the Logos. There is no rush toward a paradise of the future, for paradise is a state of being and may be experienced now, outside the restrictions of time. It can be experienced through attunement when the body and physical consciousness are in a state of meditation, and then brought back into the physical reality as a state of consciousness. There need be no running forward in time to bring an increased consciousness of the present.

An emotionally purified consciousness is imperative to a mystic as nothing destroys the possibility of attunement like faulty emotional functioning. Meeting this necessity may be difficult at first, for our society condones the use of destructive emotional forms. We are taught to hate the enemy; our TV and our means of entertainment exhibit a stream of every kind of emotional contamination available. Of course, it is possible to live with all this, if you find other means of entertainment, such as an engrossing hobby of some description.

Intelligence is somewhat better understood than the emotions. This is a century of mass education and brilliant technology, and for good or ill, everyone has come to believe in it. It is a pity the education is not focused more on mastering life than gathering useless facts. The chief use of intelligence is not so much in becoming learned, as in being able to direct and integrate the different aspects of one’s being.

Only when the emotions and intellect work together can advances be made in the inner life. It is possible to know a thing without having feeling for it. This is one of the unfortunate aspects of our scientific world. By persistent overuse of the analytical method, most people have lost the power of intuition. Of course, logic and the analytic method are indispensable to our three dimensional world, but if we are really to hear and to know the inner levels of consciousness, we must become silent, and listen to the still, small voice of intuition.

 Mystical training cannot be accomplished in a group or at the social level, however, until you reach an advanced stage of development. First, you must leave yourself; that is, leave your little ego-self behind, and then return to yourself transformed. Only when you have trained yourself through diligent private practice will you be spiritually mature enough to integrate with, learn with, and possibly teach others.

Once transformed through your own diligent efforts, you will no longer be the slave of falsehoods because you will be in touch with your own higher self and will have moved from being a normal personality to a soul-infused personality. This is the mystic’s task. Difficult it may seem, but it is the only reliable and worthy way to bring personal and group effort into harmony with universal law.

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