Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Secret of Mental Creation

Do you often day-dream? There comes a time when your dreams must be brought into the light of day if you are persistent, but do you put yourself into the category of one of the thousands whose thoughts never get beyond the stage of wistful thinking about what you want or what you want to do?

Do you often come out of a daydream thinking,  “If only I could make it real?” All things, all manifestations, begin with thought; it is what follows that thought that may lift you from the class of those who hope and dream, into those who can manifest what they want.

Thought energy, like anything else, can be dissipated, or it can be used to produce actual effects. If you know how to construct your thoughts, you can stimulate the creative processes within your mind and through them, you can assemble the conditions that you desire to make your life a happy one of accomplishment.

Mental creating does not depend upon any magical process. It consists of knowing how to marshal your thoughts into a powerful energy that draws and organizes your experiences into a worth-while design of living.

What tomorrow, next week, or the years ahead will bring to you in the way of success and material goods is largely up to youself.  Your mind is naturally creative. Through proper application of your thinking processes, you can, in your mind’s eye visualize a desired goal, and through such visualization actually bring this goal into manifestation.

Creatlve power like this is natural, and based on simple laws that can be utilized by everyone capable of thought. There is little cause today for the average man and woman to go through life a victim of circumstances, when this divine power lies inside everyone.

Remember that energy follows thought, so HOLD IN YOUR MIND AND YOUR THOUGHTS WHAT YOU WANT TO CREATE. Never, but never think about what you DON’T want as that will surely outmanifest.

Lyn Asmar is the Director of the College of Esoteric Education. The Brisbane based College grew out of research into paranormal activity in the early 1970s. Lynette has written several in-depth books on the esoteric and you will find her books on the Etsy Platform:

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