Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Sacrament of the Last Supper

The most famous modern interpretation of the Last Supper has to be that of Salvador Dali in his “The Sacrament of The Last Supper,” which hangs in the Chester Dale Collection of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D. C.

This is absolutely striking proof that this historic subject will never lose its appeal for the artist. In Spain, Dali painted it along classical lines. He depicted the whole scene as seemingly floating in space to suggest the highly spiritual nature of the event.

The dodecahedron, that twelve-sided figure that Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher said was the symbol of the universe seems to float above the table. Dali centered his theme upon “The Sacrament of the Last Supper” instead of merely “The Last Supper” as all the others painters seem to have done.

We indeed wonder if there will be more versions of this wonderful subject in the years to come. It is one of the most challenging scenes in the Bible, and I feel other modern painters in the future will again take up the challenge to render the spiritual side of this Biblical event.

Lyn Asmar is the Director of the College of Esoteric Education. The Brisbane based College grew out of research into paranormal activity in the early 1970s. Lynette has written several in-depth books on the esoteric and you will find her books on the Etsy Platform:

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