Monday, March 10, 2014

Listen to your Intuition

If you are prepared to put some time and effort into it, you will find that intuition is really quite a natural process that most people can access, but few rarely do. Even if it is accessed, some will brush it off as merely imagination. Intuition relies on trusting subtle impressions that you receive when you ask a question, or it may come as a warning about something. The answers just feel right somehow, and if you trust in the process, you will find that life will begin to run more smoothly because of this intuitive awareness that comes to your assistance. Some people like to call this “guidance.” And in a way it is. The more you practice listening to your guidance, the more it will work for you. It is the same as any other talent—it needs to be practiced to work well. However, you do need discernment as to whether you can trust your intuition. It may be coming from your own brain centres or emotional body.

One way to check if your intuition is genuine, is simply by asking the question: “Is this information coming from my Higher Self?” The Higher Self will always answer immediately, without hesitation, in a positive, uplifting manner. If the answer is hesitant or seems unsure when you question it, the information is probably coming from the emotional level, or from the brain centres. If the answer has indeed come from the Higher Self, it will still be there, and you will feel steady and sure that this is right for you. If you would like more information on how to develop your intuition further, you will find some tips below.

1. Meditation and relaxation
Meditation is an excellent way to develop your intuitive awareness. There are various meditation techniques available today, and it is just a matter of finding one that suits your temperament. Highly active people like moving meditations while running or jogging, while more passive types like to sit or lie down to meditate. As relaxation is a natural side effect of meditating, this can be an excellent way to start. When you are relaxed and the mind is quiet, it is easier for intuitive impressions to impact upon your consciousness in the form of visions, the inner voice, or just through your awareness.

2. A positive state of mind brings success
Never let the stresses of every day living impact upon you. Look upon them as tests on the pathway of life. This will do much to improve your intuitive ability. When you remain positive, you naturally tune into the more positive streams of energy available, and this makes it much easier to use your intuitive ability.

3.  Listen to the inner voice
If you need to make an important decision, release any tension you may be holding, relax your body by doing a few stretches, and then let go of all unnecessary problems, and head off to quiet, peaceful surroundings where you can tune in and listen to your inner voice; that voice is always there—but it won’t be apparent until you still your mind and emotions enough to hear it. Allow some time for your intuition to filter through to your conscious mind. If you are a little stressed, it is like stirring up a muddy pond—you have to wait till the sediment settles so you can get a clear answer. With a little practice you will reap benefits you have only ever dreamed about. You can also try out this great meditation on our youtube channel.

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