Friday, July 13, 2012

Relaxing in difficult times

In times of Change going within is the only comfort! Meditation is the solution. However first you need to be able to relax so here is a nice relaxtion technique to get you started.

Take a big deep breath, in through the nose, and sigh the breath out through your mouth and relax. If you still feel any tightness or tension in any part of your body, give those parts permission to relax, to become soft, loose, limp and totally relaxed.

Think about an area on top of your head – just a point of light – then let that point of light gently descend down into your heart. You will find that once your body is totally relaxed, your heart will be calm and peaceful. When the heart is peaceful, you begin to radiate love. 

Take a couple of deep breaths in through the nose, and sigh the breath out through the mouth; then breathe as you normally would through your nose. Concentrate for a moment on your right leg and if you feel any tension there, make it even more tense, as tense as possible; hold it as tight as you can, then let go and relax so you can feel the relaxation settling there. Then concentrate on the left leg and do the same thing. Move all over the body, the spine, the lumbar, the thoracic region, the neck, increasing the tension, then releasing it. Go to the abdominal region, the chest, the arms – wherever you feel the tension – increase it to the max – then totally relax the area.

The peace that you manage to achieve during the day, sometimes only lasts for about five minutes; after that you may experience a couple of hours of anxiety or frustration because of work commitments. Sometimes the work place is full of jealousy, fear, anxiety or even despair. This can cause tension that you may be unaware of – particularly around your facial features.

If you are holding tension in the facial features, particularly around the forehead, eyes and mouth, squeeze your eyes tightly shut, open your mouth as wide as you can and poke out your tongue as far as you can. Hold at maximum tension then totally relax. You will really feel the difference.

Another great way to relax is to read a good book. Check out for more.

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