Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Ancient Magic - Part 2

Magic and the Probationary Path
For the person who asked about the beginning stages of magic: it does not matter what term is used whether magic, mysticism, metaphysics and so on, the procedure is the same when it comes to genuine initiation.  The Probationary Path precedes the Path of Initiation or Holiness, and marks that period in your life when you definitely work on the side of the forces of evolution, and work at the building of your character, by bringing the elemental forces of fire, air, water and earth into balance.  

You would start off by making a rubric of the positive and negative qualities in your personality and then set about correcting the ones that are lacking or out of balance.  Once you realize which element is out of balance you then seek with diligence to bring your personality under control. The quality of the temperament revealed, that is, according to the predominant element, determiners the basis of your human character.

Once you have discovered where your weaknesses lie, you will begin building your light body with deliberate intent, filling any gaps that may exist, and seeking to make it a fit receptacle for the Christ consciousness which can then channel through your Higher Self.

The immortal destiny of each and all of us is to attain the consciousness of the Higher Self, and subsequently that of the Divine or Immortal Spirit. While you are on the Probationary Path you are taught principally to “know yourself” as was given by the Ancient Ones.

So every time a son or a daughter of man stands upon the threshold of the Probationary Path the Masters’ work is facilitated, for it means that one small stream of life energy is now able to be directed into new channels of higher light frequency, and away from the old stream which tended to feed the negative energy upon the planet and sustain the activity of the dark forces. Every time an initiate is admitted into the Planetary initiatory degrees, it means that a new and powerful agent is available for the bringing down of force from higher levels to aid in the work of integration and for the upliftment for humanity.

When you are a probationer, you receive a great deal of training without really recognizing it consciously. Fault tendencies are indicated to you as you seek to train yourself sincerely for world service, and the analysis of motive when truthfully undertaken, serves amazingly to lift you out of the emotional arena, and into that of the mind. It is in the mental world that the Masters are first contacted; they can only be sought in that manner.

All this time you will probably remain in ignorance of what has happened and you will be unaware of these subjective contacts. You do, however, recognize in yourself three things:

The First one being increased mental activity. This at first will give you much trouble, and you can actually wonder what is going on. You may feel as if you are losing control of your mind instead of gaining control of it but this is only a temporary condition and gradually you will achieve great control.

The second one is increased responsiveness to ideas about the plan of the Planetary Hierarchy. This will make you, if you have not balanced your personality, quite fanatical in the early stages. You may be continually swept away with new ideals, new modes of living, new dreams for race betterment and so on. You may take up with one organization after another, looking for the perfect plan to assist the ailing humanity. However, after a time you will regain your equilibrium, your poise, as you realize your planetary function.

The third one is increased psychic sensitiveness. This is both a side effect of the increased frequencies and at the same time a test. Do not be taken in by the allurement of the psychic powers; don’t be tempted to get off track from your service to the race and into the glamour of psychism and its use for egotistical purposes. As an aspirant, you have to grow in all parts of your nature, but until you can function as a soul-infused-personality, the lower psychic powers must be quiescent unless you wish to do yourself damage. The time will come when you have become more balanced and you will be able to use the powers correctly, but in their higher capacity, not in their lower.

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