Monday, September 3, 2012

Your Divine Source

Your Divine Source

The Universe is living testimony to a mighty Presence of enormous Intelligence that permeates all it has created. In it we live and move and have our being. We are part of it; it is part of us—we cannot be separated from that which created us. This theme has echoed down the ages giving hope to those who struggled to understand the meaning of life. Sometimes corrupted, sometimes lost to sight, nevertheless the theme endures to this very day.

Pulsating within each of us is a spark of this living, divine energy; a spark of our soul. It is a spark of the same consciousness that also has the power to create something as small as a grain of sand or as large as a distant galaxy. Have you experienced its whisperings within your being? Does a mysterious intelligence seem to well up from deep inside you at times? 

Your consciousness has no limits if you let it rise above those circumstances that seem to weigh you down. Inspiration and intuition are not haphazard events but come into play when you draw, at will upon this mighty Presence that oversees the souls of humanity. Silent and formless, it does not impose its will on you, but awaits contact with your mind to enable you to bring your true potential into outer reality. This is a phenomenon natural to all human beings who attune with its energy. However, it constantly sends out a call to those who are searching for the deeper meaning of life. Have you heard its call?  Do you know how to connect with this mighty Presence? You connect via your soul or Energy Parent.
There are subtle faculties slumbering just below the surface of your conscious mind awaiting your positive command. They respond to natural law and benefit all who learn to use them. You can use these latent abilities in your daily life and learn how to overcome the “invisible forces” that attempt to sabotage your efforts. Do you want to discover how to live a successful spiritual life, full of peace, harmony, relaxation, successful personal relationships and success in your chosen field of business? 

In the far, distant past, as energy began to step down into physical manifestation, there were caused into existence many intelligences that were responsible for bringing human form into existence. These intelligences or souls became known as the parents of the human being, or simply as “Energy Parents.” They are sometimes called the “higher selves” of their human children. Each of these parental intelligences has the ability to draw its human child into communion or communication with itself and in that communion lies the fulfillment of the spiritual needs that humanity is so desperately seeking today. Many of the great Ones have constantly told us that: “The kingdom of heaven is within you.”
The ancients gave the injunction, “Man know thyself,” because if you do this, you will understand the secrets of the universe. Everything is patterned, and if you understand the pattern, you will understand the secret. Hermes Trismegistos, otherwise known as the Egyptian god, Thoth, gave the injunction, “As above, so below.” This is the secret to the pattern.

You might ask, “But how does one get to know the self?” Meditation is a powerful tool you can use to “know thyself” if you understand how to properly harness the true power that meditation offers. But please, don’t make the mistake of thinking you already know what meditation is all about. I’m sorry to say that because of the power of meditation, its practice has been perverted, often distorted, sometimes exploited, and now diluted so much that modern society has marginalized meditation and many even trivialize its practice.
The ability to commune with their Source was a natural function of primitive peoples and it was only as intellect developed and a more outward focus was established that the ability to commune was lost. The separateness between humanity and its Source has reached a pinnacle and many are now seeking a return path back to the Source. The way back is a direct one. It is the re-learning of the ability for that lost communion which offers a profound depth and richness as inner and outer parts are reunited. Once the ability is regained through the various steps of meditation, life begins to take on new meaning, awareness and fulfillment.

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