Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Building Blocks to Enlightenment

A most important part of any undertaking is a positive and trustworthy foundation. This is extremely important in spiritual efforts if you desire to reach the lofty heights. Gratitude, Patience, Humility, and Aspiration are the building blocks of this foundation.

Gratitude is indispensable since all we have and experience are these precious gifts of learning that can be utilized for our ascent. To be grateful for the pleasant and enjoyable things is rather easy, but there is the danger of forgetting the ultimate giver of a gift and that can be distracting.

Most people forget that the trials and tests of life are there to round out the personality, or polish the facets of the beautiful diamond that you are, and then prepare you for the soul merge. Gratitude for every trial and test, for all sufferings and disappointments, is most important in the school of life. Do not bemoan “Why did this happen to me?” At some level of your multi-dimensional being, you set up the test to try yourself and bring your weaknesses to light so they could be eradicated.

These experiences force you very definitely to find the Powers that Be to support and guide you at difficult times. They make you search earnestly for the knowledge about how to get through the test or trial as quickly as possible, and then point you safely to the goal.

The second building block is Patience. It re-enforces Gratitude and minimizes trials by proving them to be important steppingstones in the ascent. Since you are under no time-limit, patience can do its perfect work and awaits serenely for the developing results. Hand in hand with Gratitude, a firm foundation is started and reaches toward the third important point.

This point is Humility. It can be trusted to eliminate weakness and danger through attack because it cannot be deceived or hurt since it is immune to negative influences. It stands firm under pressure and has naught in common with destructive elements. Humility is the natural result of true Gratitude for everything that happens in your lifetime experiences. When it combines with Patience, it knows that right thought and right action always may be trusted to achieve its purpose.

The stimulating and exhilarating fourth building block is Aspiration, with its constant deep desire and earnest effort to support and strengthen the base of spiritual building, so that it may rise securely to those heights where all four points draw closer together in Divine Unity and form the final point of achievement as One with the All That is.

Seemingly slow progress need not concern you if you have laid the right foundation.  This foundation is your security. Eventually, the all-satisfying pinnacle is within reach and Aspiration will inspire you to reach towards enlightenment or Cosmic Consciousness.

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