Friday, April 22, 2011


Heat is on of the signs of the Withdrawal Path, or those who are travelling back to the Energy Parent and subsequently the Logos. In effect, it is a path of ascension. Cold is the sign of those still on the Path of Projection, or we could say, those forces that attempt to prevent the prosecution of this command in its Withdrawal prosecution.

Now it matters little whether you accept the words heat and cold. What we do need and what we have to have and what we do indeed have are two opposites, but heat is generated on this path by virtue of the energies that channel through the physical body and the excitation that those energies occasion in the particles of the body. It is an excitation of the fiery elemental principle.

They move more swiftly, and they begin to evidence it as a reflection – and we use that word advisedly – they begin to evidence that which is called heat. Conversely, there can be a measure of predominance on the part of the impeding force and in that predominance lies a slowing, a slowing and again a reflection of that which you call cold and so you experience then, heat and cold.

If you are still on the Path of Projection, then you would consider anything connected to the Path of Withdrawal to be wrong, wicked or even evil.

However by the time you walk the Path of Withdrawal back to the Source or God, or whatever term you consider the creative energies to be, you do not consider the Path of Projection to be wrong. You merely consider it as the other polarity that still has its purpose and function.

Now, the reason you may experience heat, or your client may experience heat in healing is because of an excitation of the electrical fluid in the body. If you experience cold, or your client experiences cold, it is because of an excitation of the magnetic fluid in the body.

The electrical fluid is produced by the fiery elemental principle and the cold is produced by the watery elemental principle.

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