Friday, April 22, 2011


Faith is a power – not a blind belief. You exercise faith each time you bring something from the mental plane into physical reality; and of course, some thoughts have a spiritual basis, while others do not.

If we take an obvious illustration as an analogy, it may help to explain this definition.

For example if you wanted to build a house, initially you would build a mental picture in your mind – now thoughts are things; they are made out of a rarefied, tender, almost plastical energy, visible to those who can see them – so this is the substance they are talking about – mental matter.

Mental matter then becomes clothed with the desire of the type of house you want – so astral matter is gathered around the thoughtform and plans are drawn up and chopped and changed until it is just right – this we could say is the evidence of the thoughtform about to become reality. Because it has begun to be created on the astral plane.

If your faith in the outcome is strong, that is if you use your imaging ability and you can see the builders completing the house, despite any setbacks or lack of funding, you will have brought a thoughtform through the astral into reality through the power of your faith.

Another example would be a potter. He has a thoughtform of what he wants to create in a different style of urn or large vase. He has been told that an urn this large is impossible to build. But this does not deter him, he merely sorts out the thoughts and ideas until he is satisfied with the style and approximate design. Then he gathers the appropriate astral matter in the form of the desire to incorporate a new style of glazing that has never been tried before.

His peers again tell him that it is impossible; it has never been done before. But he has seen it in his mind’s eye and he knows that if he can image it, he can create it physically. He has seen the evidence of it on the astral plane.

He fails after many attempts, but his faith in his own ability is strong so he keeps going....until one day.... he produces that which he was told was impossible.

There are many such thought forms clothed with astral matter constantly coming into semi-manifestation and being dissolved. If the faith of the person creating is not strong enough, or the vision not held until completion for whatever reason until physical manifestation, then the power is lost and nothing is created.

We each create our own reality.

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