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In the days of yore, when the ancient mysteries were taught, there were always teachers who taught their most advanced students about the coming of the Great One; this great Master, in turn, gave these teachings to all who would listen. The conditions that prevailed in those times were much the same as they are in our present time. Few listened then, a few understood and still fewer believed. Today there are relatively few who believe in the Mystery School teachings and the reality of esoteric or metaphysical Temple instruction. Of course, this Temple is not physical, and ofttimes, neither is the language used in the instruction.

When the hour of transition comes, the advanced entities pass into the higher mental realms. But those who are still burdened by the recent experiences of earth life and have refused to clear themselves, along with those who have no belief in an afterlife, will find themselves in the various levels of the astral planes, according to their level of spiritual maturity, which is designated by the various religions as heaven or hell.

It was in these dark lower realms of the astral planes that the Master spent the interval between the afternoon of Good Friday and Easter Dawn. There are some individuals upon earth today who still have the memory of His presence and remember the wonder of His words. Such privileged persons devote their lives to His teachings and His mission and mostly do not teach openly, but reveal the truth quietly to those who are ready for the deeper mysteries.

Please bear in mind that the true Easter Rite was a series of divine mystical Initiations and has nothing to do with Easter bunnies or eggs, which has a Pagan symbology and was used by the early church fathers to bring religion and paganism under one umbrella. (Easter was an old Gaelic Festival in honour of the goddess Ostara whose totem symbol of Spring Fertility was the hare or rabbit with the eggs symbolizing new life.)

Thanks to the work of one of humanity’s greatest psychologists, we have been able to name the divisions of the mind. In modern language, they are called: the conscious, the subconscious and the superconscious.

Experiences related with day to day living are associated with the conscious mind; memory of the past is associated with the subconscious mind and memory of past lives, life between lives and future lives is associated with the superconscious mind. In all truth, this is just one mind divided into three divisions for ease of understanding. Rarely does anyone have any concepts of the powers available when the mind is fully awakened, or of what these powers will mean to humanity in the future.

Most people are unable to access the subconscious or superconscious levels of the mind except through a process of deep spiritual meditation. By this means, spiritual growth can be greatly accelerated. A nightly review of daily events will gradually improve the faculty of memory. It will be stimulated and vitalized, and will become increasingly retentive.

Little by little experiences of the inner world will become clearer and more sequential until at length it will be possible to review events of the sleeping state as easily as those of the waking hours. Memory working through the subconscious will bridge the gap between past and present incarnations. Memory working through the super- conscious will eventually span the chasm of forgetfulness that lies between life and death and life.

The various processes for the development of memory along with other important information was included in teachings given by the Master during that wonderful interval between His Resurrection and Ascension.

From Good Friday to Easter dawn the inner-plane teachings of the Master were pertinent to the beginnings of the Path. Between the Resurrection and Ascension His teachings were concerned with the attainment of work upon the Path of Light. In the coming age a new and illumined race will pass through the sublime experiences of both the resurrection and ascension in its daily living.

When entities on the earth plane have attained to such a level of unfoldment, transition from earth life to the higher realms and planes will be a glorious and conscious adventure instead of the dread felt by humanity today. The beings of the future race, alive and in full consciousness will know no fear, and only in a state of exaltation, will be able to pass joyously into the next and larger life. Such beings will join the chorusing of the Cherubim and Seraphim, in singing "O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?”

A number of the holy men and women prominently mentioned in the Gospels passed through special rites on Easter Saturday night. These rites concluded a lengthy preparation and the consciousness was opened to the inner planes and the soul encountered transcendental experiences which left a lasting impression as the memories were retained consciously.

To undergo such rites unprepared would be to invite a condition fraught with danger since the influx of spiritual power accompanying it, while bringing illumination to the duly prepared, will carry destruction to vehicles not properly cleansed or competent when working with higher energy states. This enabled them to greet that momentous Easter dawn as new-born brothers and sister of the risen Christ. These naturally included the women to whom Christ appeared in that early dawning.

There are some who are familiar today with such rites, but the inner mysteries often remain unrealized. For example the church of this day has retained a ritual observed on Easter Saturday in which a blessing is placed upon the "new fire" as this is carried in an elaborate processional and later "united" with holy water, which is then rightly called the "Easter Water." No water can be so called except that which blends symbolically the blessed fire with the equally blessed water. The light which Initiation bestows upon these mysteries has been lost to our time, not only for the multitudes but for most of those who teach and lead as well. Long since, the priesthood ceased to be recruited from the Initiated, with the result that whereas old and true forms persist, the spirit informing them has been largely lost.

In the Ritual of the Empty Tomb, the Christ as the way shower for all mankind demonstrated to his followers the final and most difficult work to be accomplished on this physical earth. That work is the transmutation of matter into spirit. When this has been learned, man will have gained mastery over sickness, age and death; for He said that death would be the last enemy to be overcome. In esoteric terminology, this attainment comes with the Initiation belonging to the earthy elemental principle, the densest of the four elements. It is the last of the four Great Elemental Initiations, and the most difficult.

When the light of this knowledge has been accepted, once more religion and science will be married as they were in times of old. The spirit behind and within matter will have been recognized.

The Earth Initiation can bring liberation from the wheel of birth and death. The necessity for reincarnation may be over because earth's lessons have been learned. But some elect to remain with humanity in order to help man mount the sooner to the level to which others have attained. Such are the graduates of humanity, the Masters of Wisdom and our Elder Brothers and Sisters.

Through the processes of Initiation mortality puts on immortality. This is its all-inclusive end and aim. To the consciousness of the Initiate, life and death are but different aspects of the spirit's progressive unfoldment. Early Christian graves were cross-shaped in recognition of the fact that the body of mortality which is laid aside is the cross of matter from which the soul is liberated in death as it is the body from which the spirit rises free when attaining to the light of Initiation.

The upper light of the spirit, located in the pineal gland in the brain, can only be made to shine if the lower light puts its electrical energy at its disposal. Herein lies a mystery for those who understand. Remember, the way to the Holy Grail lies over the corpse of your personality “I”. This is the only way to conscious immortality. The more perfect the vehicle of one’s spirit, the greater the power it can exercise over the imperfect crystallization of the material. This fact is responsible for the metamorphosis that may take place in a human body.

During the interval between the Crucifixion and the Resurrection, the Christ Spirit was active within the earth. "He descended into hell. " Such is the creedal phrase for His entrance into the lower astral or desire realms of this earth, where He went to bring His love and His teachings to discarnate souls still in the realms of darkness. Thus the Christ came to minister not only to incarnate humanity but also to its discarnate members.

In the early morning hours of the first Easter, several women came to the empty tomb beside Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. These included Mother Mary’s sister, also called Mary, the mother of James and Jude, Salome and Joanna. These women were all there in preparation for entering into the Mystic Death and experiencing the illumination that follows upon passing through the Rite of the Resurrection.

The Rite of the Resurrection is the rite of the impersonal life, when the things of the flesh have no more meaning; the desire body holds sway no more. In the experience of the Mystic Death the disciple becomes aware of the illusions of matter and the limitations of the finite life. The Resurrection consciousness brings the realization of the oneness of all life with God. The stone of separation has been rolled away. Henceforth one who has passed into this sublime experience knows that no iII can affect a part without hurting the whole, and that no good can come to the one without at the same time being of benefit to all.

One who comes to know the deeper meaning of the Resurrection Rite can never again wound or kill even his younger brothers of the animal kingdom for they, too, are living expressions of the same divine life that lives and moves and has its being in the body of the creator. Even the rocks, trees streams and mountains have the life force of the creator flowing through them. The planet is rich with elemental life forms and if humanity would take the time to perceive this life stream, the desecration of the planet would immediately stop. As the awareness awakens, so the consciousness becomes transformed into the compassion of the all-embracing spirit and the realization comes that death has been merged into the victory of eternal life.

Meditation upon the transcendent experience of the Resurrection Rite brings a deeper understanding of, and reverence for, the inner significance of that salutation with which the esoteric Christians greeted one another in the early radiance of the mystical Easter dawn: “The Christ is our Light." There will then accrue an increase in knowledge of inner plane work, which will greatly enhance the student’s soul powers. With the increase in power, of course, comes an increase in responsibility.

So as you struggle to understand the mysteries, remember the injunction: “Prove all things, hold fast to that which is good. Abstain from all appearance of evil.” 1 Thes. 5:21,22.

May you have a blessed Easter, and remember your heritage as sons and daughters of the Most High.

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