Saturday, November 12, 2011


On Sunday, 12th November, I will be running a Magic of Merlin Class where we will be considering Merlin's association with certain key Tarot cards, the Magician and the Fool. The Magician Trump shows the mastery of the four elements, while the Trump of the Fool, if you are on a deep metaphysical path, shows an allegory of magical power. The beautifully turned out figure steps, not blindly, but knowingly to where he wishes to go. The Fool is the essence of magic, its actual power; while the magician is aware that every act is a magical act. Possessing that knowledge separates him from his ordinary peers.

We will also be considering the analogies between the four elemental principles of fire, air, water and earth. Another allegory we will be considering is that of the Garden of Eden. This allegory is graphically illustrated on the Trump of the Lovers.

The course is a very practical one and we will be experimenting with many magical powers, such as pulling down globes of light, and erecting psychic barriers.

This will allow us to make a connection to those magical, mystical creatures, the dragons. Dragons are real, and make excellent guardians and friends and can communicate telepathically. So we will be using a meditation to call forth the dragons from their lair.

There will also be an attunement to Celtic Druidism so that the Celtic symbols can be used in a healing manner while creating an enchanted story. The symbols are magically powerful.

We will also be looking at Merlin's association with the Tarot Trumps of the High priestess and the Empress and how the Goddess energy signifies both wisdom and folly. Druids were great respecters of Mother Nature and enjoyed her many gifts and blessings. We can do the same in this day and age.

I have made Druid Wands for the course and we will be enchanting them to make them magically powerful. They can be used in ceremonies, for activating symbols and runes, for charging water or for channelling the vital life force. Their uses are many and varied.

In my next blog I will give some examples of our experiments.

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