Sunday, November 13, 2011


The Magic of Merlin Class was a huge success. A lot of information about the true identity of Merlin was channelled through and some of the strangeness about the mystery surrounding Merlin was explained in a manner that modern students could understand. This information was relevant and was in agreement with the teachings of the Sirian Mystery School.

The true meaning of some of the tarot cards also came to light; especially the Magician, and the Fool. We discovered that Merlin played the part of both Magician and Fool. The Path of High Magic represented by the two Paths leading from Kether on the Tree of Life.

We also noted his association with the Goddess energy, also represented on the glyph of the Tree of Life in the form of the Empress and the High Priestess, and noted the association between the polarities of wisdom and folly signified by the Empress being balanced by the High Priestess as she sits on the Pillar of Equilibrium.

Everyone had a great visual experience as we pulled down the "Globes of Light" and errected the psychic barrier to strengthen the merkabah before invoking the dragons. Everyone could perceive the dragons as they came forward quite readily, and full of curiosity during the dragon attunement and the meditation that followed.

The Celtic symbols we were given for the Merlin Master attunement were exceedingly powerful healing symbols and everyone enjoyed giving and receiving a treatment.

We then enchanted the wands I made to make them "magical wands." Everyone enjoyed using the wands as part of the healing process as well.

Overall, itwas a great day, and we managed to take some photos showing the spirit guides in the aura.

The wand on the left is before enchanting - the wand on the right is after enchanting.

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