Friday, August 20, 2010


This is a poem I wrote that tries to explain what happens to the energies in the body when a true mystical marriage occurs.

It wasn’t the syllables

That rolled off your tongue

That brought our hearts together;

It was the energy projected through your eyes

That touched the secret places within my soul

And lifted us up to heaven.

Angel’s wings seemed to beat in time

With our own hearts as we drifted

Through gardens filled with fragrant blooms.

The spirit of Love walked with us

Overshadowing us beneath his giant wings

Arrows sheathed, as there was no need for their use.

My love, the magic in your eyes melted my heart

And I found myself dissolving into your presence.

Then two hearts began to beat as one

Creating the eternal triple flame

To burn in both hearts forever.

So that, when we’re apart

I’ll be with you;

When you feel sadness,

I’ll be your hope.

When you feel doubt

I’ll fill you with faith.

And when you feel you’ve done wrong,

I’ll bring the Spirit of Forgiveness.

If you experience hatred,

I’ll extinguish it with love.

Should you walk in the shadows,

I’ll be your guiding light.

The Elohim stand by and watch

Two hearts burning as one;

They kindle the twin trinities in the pineal

To form the star tetrahedron.

The star ignites and expands to embrace

The triple flame in the heart.

Superluminal light explodes forth

Activating the seven seals.

They watch a son and daughter of man

United as one through the

Mystical Marriage of God.

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