Monday, July 12, 2010


Keeping a journal of your meditative experiences is an excellent reference to track your progress, especially if you are involved in exercises to develop certain faculties. Your memory can play tricks on you over time, but if you have the written note of your experiences, you have it in black and white. I remember having an extremely vivid dream about 30 years ago, and I knew I would never forget this particular dream as it contained deep esoteric symbology. I was quite surprised one day while flicking through my old journal, that I had some of the sequences back to front; but there it was and I could not dispute the written word. So, if you have not already, start a journal and write in it immediately after each meditation session while your memory is still fresh.


  1. I am an avid dreamer so I try and write down most of my dreams. I honestly don't write them all down because I dream nightly. I focus more on the ones I feel I'll need to refer back to later. I like to do short meditations in the morning before I get out of bed and also in the shower. I use this time to visualize what my day will be like and work on my manifestations.
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  2. Hello, I couldn't open the first link you gave me, but the second one worked ok and looks really good. I am so busy teaching during the day and writing and upgrading of an evening, I don't actually post that often, but when I am drawn to do so, I'll continue to write small snippets of information. Thank you so much for your comments