Friday, February 1, 2013


Let me tell you something about enchanted or spirited items. These vessels have spirit attachments; human, djinn, djinnya, khodam, watchers, unicorn, pegasus, gnomes, elves and other fae, and other paranormal entities and dimensions. I was blessed from an early age with a special gift. Not only do I channel the paranormal, I also write about it.

On occasion I pass on haunted or enchanted items, because I attract so many I can’t look after them all. Spirits can attach themselves to many different types of things. Every thing from homes, to pieces of jewelry, dolls, which can be their favourite vessel, to other household items, and sacred relics. You can even invite a spirit to follow you home if you wish, then assist it to return to its own realm.  After a while, if the entity has a teaching function, or it wishes to pass information on to others, the spirit will stay and use the item as a portal to connect with others still on the Earth plane.

Some ask that the vessel be passed on to a new family, or a person, that may need their help or guidance. All the items I have, possess positive spirits. I never deal in anything evil or negative in any way. If I am made aware of such beings, they are immediately dispatched by Archangel Michael to their own appropriate place. My items have brought me much joy over the years, and I love to pass them on so they can continue their journey. You can learn more about me at my website. Also you can visit my face book page. Or you can follow me on twitter.

So, what can spirits or entities attach to? Really, they can attach themselves to anything and everything. Something as small as a piece of jewelry or something as large as a ship. Sometimes, you can purchase dolls, jewelry, books, paintings, furniture, trinkets from a second hand shop and not even know there is a attachment to it until the ghost or spirit decides to use the vessel and come out in some way.

I am bringing this information forward because this will become a more common occurrence as we move into the higher frequencies of the new age. Do not be afraid, ask the spirit or entity what it has to pass on to you—then ask it if it is ready to return to its own realm.

If you are fortunate enough to have this experience or want this experience, and you are unsure of what is happening please email me and I will help you. Please handle your enchanted items with love and with care and always respect them, they are a living entity just like you. By doing this your enchanted item may do the following:

Show to you full bodied apparitions, let you hear their disembodied voices, show you their spirit orbs, show flashes of light, show you swirls of smoke or fire, (only djinn) mists, you may hear knocking, you may hear footsteps, see shapes, you may have electrical disturbance and so on. If you walk through one, you will feel it like cold tingles that give you goose bumps. They may shift the vessel to another location.

They can also help you with :
Strengthening your Psychic Senses
Increase your Intuition
Make your Clairvoyance & Clairaudience stronger or more developed
Attracting Positive Energy to everything around you
Intuitive Healing for you and yours
Removing Mental Blocks that you may have
Divine Protection for not only you but your loved ones
Increase Spiritual Gifts for you and yours
Aid in your Meditation, Scrying  or Divination
Increase your Mental Power
Create Higher Knowledge & Wisdom
Bring you and yours many Blessings
Teach you the secrets of prayer.
And much more !
Because I have attracted so many of these beautiful spirits who wish to help humanity, I am passing some of them on, please see my website for further information. if you are interested in interacting with an enchanted item.

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