Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Many students of Metaphysics are wondering why it is sometimes that sickness still occurs to those who have been meditating for a long time. It would be better to look at sickness or illness as an opportunity to clear old states of consciousness or a purging that takes place to rid the body of impurities. This benefits not only yourself, but the overall planetary consciousness and helps everyone to move up a little higher in consciousness.

Most students don’t make a big deal about their problems; everyone has them and their prime purpose is for learning. We look into the area where the problem is occurring and this can give us a clue as to what is going on in our sphere of consciousness.

Take kidney complaints for example. Like some of the other organs arranged in pairs, kidneys represent something to do with partnerships. Usually we attract people into our lives who represent our shadow side; that is that side of ourselves that we have repressed or pushed down. This happens as an opportunity for us to look at ourselves and clear that repressed energy. Those traits we do not like in our partner are usually the very things we need to look at within ourselves.

Now energy will not be repressed, it must flow through. If we have an energy blockage, we soon find out about it in the form of a mental or emotional upset. If we refuse to deal with it at these levels, eventually it becomes a physical problem and we are forced to deal with it because it becomes uncomfortable not to do so. If you have problems with your kidneys, it is a possibility that you project your inadequacies and/or your problems onto your partner or someone else close to you because you either can’t or don’t want to look at that which you have repressed. If your partner tries to help you look at these problems and you are not ready to listen and block out that which you do not want to hear, you may end up having ear problems as well.

The body is a marvelous expression of what is going on in the soul and what needs to be corrected at a deeper level. When my husband was alive, many years ago we did a lot of work with people suffering from anorexia nervosa. Some interesting facts that were uncovered in some cases included a past life in a concentration camp where all human privileges were denied and cruel and inhumane abuse experienced, to the point where the body became almost a living skeleton. Now in this life, the feelings associated with those experiences were triggered off again by some traumatic experience. Those suffering from bulimia have another cause that is just as interesting as it also may involve a prior life experience.

A lot of people are still experiencing fear and a fear of physical pain. Even after all the teachings about being a spiritual being inhabiting a physical body, we still have this fear. If you look at the things you fear, you would see that almost all of them are connected with the idea that you are just a body. If you were just a body, there would be many reasons to fear; but if you can see that you inhabit a body then many possibilities open up for you.

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